Laura Nicole

Please Spay Your Tribbles

By Laura Nicole

Each week I will be analyzing an object from the Science Fiction and Fantasy world to project just how it would pan out in modern society.

Femme Bots

Oh you poor, poor people. Unless you are a fan of my rants, this article will sound a bit whiny and feminist, but it needs to be because we are talking about femme bots. Why does the human race almost always fall prey to these deadly goddesses of man made engineering and design? I mean really?

So these robots with pretty designs almost literally have the ability to bring men and some women to their knees, whether by appearance or pheromones. Then they have looks that can kill. I mean really, if you are a fan of a woman’s bust, you could easily be blown away by them. Granted, this is the femme bot of the killing variety.

Other famous femme bots include the Stepford Wives. Brilliant women turned into brilliant machines. Bette Midler even had a refrigerator in her abdomen. So for the people who come up with these damn ideas… WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING? Are women just tools for you?

Now if it is a woman who comes up with and uses these robots I am ok with it. Here is my reasoning. You can bring down almost any straight man with a beautiful tool, woman, or machine. You mix the three and you have a seductive cocktail… ha didn’t even plan that pun.

Now if I could also have a man bot to do all the heavy lifting, cleaning, and chores that I leave for him while I work all day and then treat me like a goddess when I get home I would be all set.

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