Galaxybillies Review

July 19, 2011

Ever since I listened to his podcast Galaxybillies, Mike Plested has been after me to write a review for it. It is not that I didn’t want to write a review, or that I didn’t like the podast or anything like that, the truth is that I hadn’t written a review because I stink at writing reviews. Not only am I not good a writing reviews, I know it and so I procrastinate about it. Well enough procrastinating. I have fired up the 486 Beowulf cluster and there are no excuses any more. Here is my review of Galaxy Billies, WARNING THERE WILL BE SPOILERS

Galaxy Billies by Mike Plested is a wonderful romp through the, well um galaxy with the most unlikely galaxy explorers. The story is told in the style of an old radio drama, and because of that each episode feels new and fresh. The story has a great flow as the group of backwoods folk stumble into and out of trouble each week. What kind of trouble could six folks from the back woods of the Application mountains get into? Well lets just say that before it is all over the two largest intergalatic fleets of war ships and brown postal vans come head to head, in order to get it resolved. Along the way every possible sci/fi trope is is used abused and otherwise burned and pillaged in the name of a great story or cheap laugh.

Mike Plested is nothing if not a professional, and the story telling and audio quality of this production proves that. While I am not a huge fan of modulating one voice for many characters I think Mike pulls this off well. The story telling style is very reminiscent of the original Douglas Adams Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and this story definitely benefits from that.

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