In Galley Table 42 We talk Anime, what is it and why is it different from say everything lese

On the ‘cast:
Laura Nicole
“Dark Lord” Jeffery Hite
“Doc” Coleman
Alan Sale – Astral Audio / Spook Show Live
Christiana Ellis
Dave Sobkowiak
Paulette Jaxton

Down from Ten (NSFW Podiobook)
Friendship is Magic

What is Anime?

Avatar: The Last Airbender (avoid the live action movie)
Teen Titans

Ghost in the Shell
Hayao Miyazaki

StarBlazers (Space Battleship Yamato)

Kimba the White Lion

Shounen (anime for boys – action, adventure) vs. Shoujo (romance)


The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Bleach (REALLY long anime)
Naruto (Notorious for filler episodes with over 100 episodes of filler between the end of where it follows the manga and when it picks back up with Naruto Shippuden.)
InuYasha (Really Long)
Dragonball Z (Also Really Freaky Long)

What do people like?
Paulette – Adult Shoujo – Mariasama Ga Miteru / Emma
Laura – X / Sailor Moon
Zach – Gundam Seed / Full Metal Alchemist (the original, not Brotherhood)
Alan – Karas / Paranoia Agent
Christiana – Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex (philosophical action – Miami Vice meets Neuromancer) / Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya / Cowboy Bebop (noir) / Anything by Hayao Miyazaki
Dave Sobkowiak – Voltron / Starblazers / Battle of the Planets (Gatchaman)
Doc Coleman – Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (a Miyazaki film) / Last Exile
Jeff – Voltron / Robotech / Titan A.E. (Not Anime, but a good story) / Giant Robo – (American made, but still good)
Zach – a 2nd for Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex / Trigun Episode 5 – Hard Puncher / School Rumble

Original Thundercats – Not anime

Afro Samurai – Technically qualifies as anime.

Silverhawks? Not Anime.

Crunchyroll / Funimation

We encourage people to buy / legitimately stream their anime.


The strangest anime you’ve seen.

Laura – Angel Sanctuary
Paulette – Alien Nine
Zach РNinja Scroll (sniped from Alan) Demon City Shinjuku / Doomed Megalopolis…
GURREN LAGAAN. It’s great. But it takes such a weird left turn in episode 8. (And apparently has bad language)

Anime, because it’s not necessarily made with kids in mind, sometimes deals with very mature concepts like death, war, etc. Gundam Wing (Hat Tip to Toonami) Layered plots.

Chevallier d’Eon

Random Question –
The Last Anime Movie you watched?
My Neighbor Totoro
Howl’s Moving Castle
Robotech: Shadow Chronicles
Grave of the Fireflies
Karas: The Revelation
Street Fighter
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Summer Wars

Allen – / /
Christiana – – check out the Space Casey illustrated script and activity book
Dave – / /
Paulette Jaxton –
Doc Coleman – / /
Jeffrey Hite –
Laura Nicole – /

(Clip episodes – they’re cheap. And they catch people up on the story so far.)
(OVA – Original Video Animation – usually a shorter series, less than 24 episodes. The first Tenchi Muyo series is considered an OVA.)

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