Laura Nicole

5 Reasons To Be a Pirate

By Laura Nicole

I am back from medical leave and vacation and that means more Tribble fun from me. As I was sailing the seas this past weekend and getting some much needed sun, I was contemplating my role with Flying Island Press as a pirate. I thought I would share some key reasons why it is awesome to be a pirate.

1. Who Wouldn’t Want to be a Pirate? Really? The title alone sounds so much cooler than a swashbuckler. And there are only so many times you can hear the “I’ll buckle your swashes” bit before it starts to get old. You can also make the title out better when you are besotted with the pirate’s drink of choice: RUM!

*Fends off the rest of the crew* Back of swabbies or I’ll make ya swim for it.

Fun at home game. When under the influence of alcohol, say “Imma Pirate” 5 times. Then attempt to say “Imma Swashbuckler!” 5 times. 🙂

2. Rules: A heroic swashie would have to follow the rules. It’s in the script, story, code… whatever. I have two quotes about rules from fairly well known pirates to address this topic. Captain Sparrow and the crew of the Black Pearl frequently quote that the code “is more like guidelines, anyway.” And our own Dark Lord Hite has borrowed the phrase from a story we published way back in Issue #1 called The Pirate by H.E. Roulo, “We are pirates. Your rules do not apply.”

3. Wardrobe: Not everyone is independently wealthy and can get matching shirt, vest, pants and boots. Pirates have to work with what they plunder. As such they became fashion pioneers across the seven seas. How a pirate presents his or her self is a map of where they have looted from. Now, as a pirate in the SCA, I have seen these eclectic stylings work with surprising comfort and visual appeal.

4. Job Security: No matter how much you and your crew acquire, or how many authoritative fleets you evade, there will always be someone who wants to attempt to sail through your waters and not pay the toll, or try to stop your livelihood. Silly merchants. Additionally, the skills you learn on a ship are invaluable on land. If you can make your way up rigging or practice swordplay on rough seas, a bar fight on land is a piece of rum cake.

5. Make Up Your Own Name: Not everyone can be Black Beard, Molly Read, or Jack Sparrow, but this of how you want to be remembered in history. In Peter Pan when Wendy is captured and telling the pirates a story, she casts herself as the fierce Red Handed Jill. Since I sing, I would likely have taken a name like Lullaby Marie, the last sound you will ever hear… But for now The Gypsy Pirate is a great title too.