Pirate take over

This episode The Pirate Captain (AKA Jeff Hite) (AKA Capt. Jack Smiley) hires some mercenaries and they take over the galley table.

Galley Table 48

We are joined by:
Veronica Giguere
Doc Coleman
James Keeling
Zach Ricks

We talk prompt based story writing, like you can find here on Fiction Tuesday
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  • Oh I just had a wonderful idea… We talked about the people on the ships being a culture separate from the one on the planets because of a disease, what if the story is told from the point of view of someone who wants so badly to get off planet that they are willing to join get the disease, and be forever shunned by his planet, and all the planets. The arguments from both sides about why he should not do it. The fear from the ships that he is some sort of plant with a disease of his own that will kill them off. Oh this is so good.