Inside the Pokeball – Jigglypuff

Laura Nicole

By Laura Nicole

So the people who came up with Pokemon have some serious control issues. The Pokemon are kind of like a mix between a genie and pitbulls raised for fighting (which I do not condone). A trainer gathers the Pokemon and sets it against another Pokemon for what purpose? How does it make the creature feel to be set against his own kind?

I think when the trainer retires the Pokemon need some serious therapy. Here’s one of the stories I could see happening.


Hi. My name is Wigglypuff, formerly Jigglypuff, and I am a retired Pokemon. I, uh, well… how much do I tell? (pause) I’m not comfortable at all. (pause) Do you think it is easy to get up infront of other Pokemon after what I used to do. I mean, I like to sing. I really do, but then people fall asleep because my voice is too soothing. When I was young and ignorant I would get so mad that I would go around and draw on everyone’s faces.

Ugh and don’t get me started on my trainer. He gave thanks and high fives to all the cute and fuzzy Pokemon. Even let them out of the ball for days at a time. I see you nodding, Psyduck. You know. We were under appreciated and then forced to fight. My vocals were never the same after an Ivysaur choked me. No worries, dude. I’ve learned to improvise with my new vocal range.

But yea… It has been hard, learning to cope with the neglect and mental trauma. Even living in regular, spacious accommodations is still taking time to get used to. So… that’s it.


What the?! Oh, not again! Hmm, there are scented markers over there…

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