Laura Nicole

Expandable spaces

By Larua Nicole

Some very ordinary objects contain extraordinary things. A lamp contains a genie. Small nook in a tree contains a fairy. A marble contains a universe. A purse contains an entire room full of stuff. But there are two objects that seem to be more than they appear.

TARDIS – A regular looking blue police box on the outside, a cathedral sized ship/laboratory/research facility on the inside. I mean, we can talk all day about what we think the TARDIS would look like, and how the TV series depicts it. However, I find the depth much more vivid when left to my imagination. Thus why I am more fond of the various audio versions of the Dr. Who series, particularly the one on

Pokeball – Yes, I talked about Pokemon last time, but when you think about it, when did you ever see a trainer walk around with more than one ball. So the thought is that the inside must expand to keep all of the creatures comfortable and safe during transit. I mean there are well over 100 Pokemon. You would need a very big space to keep them all healthy.

What other expandable spaces in literature or television would you like to see?

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  • J-P says:

    Dora the Explorer’s backpack held “everything you could want” and that’s a lot.

    Back in the 70’s, there was a running gag to have large afros contain similar amounts of stuff.

    Magicians’ top hats often contained many rodents.

    Mime prop bags seem to hold limitless supplies of mime props, many of inordinately large size and apparently great weight. Some even hold gale-force winds or invisible force walls.

    Inspector Gadget’s body also seemed to hold more than fit the available space.

    Oscar the Grouch’s trash can, while portable, still had vast living spaces.