Laura Nicole

The Headless Horseman

By Laura Nicole

So if you haven’t been getting ready for Halloween for the past several months… then you probably aren’t in my circle of crazy Halloween friends here in New England. You should work on that…

I digress. Halloween is only a few weeks away and the haunted attractions are getting ready to start their season of frights and festivities. In honor of my favorite holiday, I will be writing a series of stories, commentaries, or how-to’s on some of the season’s trademark characters.

Now, the Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow is an interesting chap. I had the chance to sit down with him the other day. He had a spiffy new jack-o-lantern that allowed him to share some of his experiences with me and there was one tale that I found quite bizarre. Here’s how that went.

LN: So what was it like when you didn’t have your pumpkin head?

HH: It was rough. I mean I am really just trusting the horse to guide me where I need to go. I can’t see, hear, or speak which makes things difficult. Especially when I can’t smell. I hate when I end up walking into my horse’s… waste.

LN: That’s kind of gross. But anyway, did the loss of your senses cause any long term problems for you?

HH: Well, I can never go back to Oz again.

LN: You’ve been to Oz.

HH: Oh yea. I used to hang out with the Witch of the West before that Glinda had her assassinated. She was always a good time. When I lost my head, I could usually go back and snag a new pumpkin from the Munchkins.

The last time I went though, my horse stopped. This usually meant I was at the patch, so I swished my sword around near my legs and then around my head. If I don’t, those blasted apple trees try to throw apples down my suit and then applesauce comes out of my boots. Feels disgusting. I did hit a couple of things as usual, but they fell off fairly easily. When I finally got down off the horse, something heavy tackled me. Being dead does not inhibit certain reactions, including the will to preserve myself, so naturally, I sliced my sword where my attacker’s head was.

After I rolled the body off of me, I felt around for a head. I found something orb-like and metal, and tried it on. I could see, so that was a start. When I started to speak it sounded like my voice was coming out of a tin can… then I looked around me. In the field I saw a lot more straw than usual… and then the scarecrow with neatly trimmed straw where the fabric of his head should have been. I looked at my sword and saw that there was blood on it and followed the trail to a great hulk of a beast, whose golden locks were covered in his blood. The cowardly lion’s only act of bravery and I slew him. Oh well, he pissed me off anyway.

I looked for the Tin Man’s body, since I clearly had his head, and then heard his voice echoing in what should be my ears. He told me that he was tired of being all lovey dovey and crap, so he wanted to join up with me. So with his knowledge of animatronics and my skills we were able to create this head. It still rolls off from time to time, but it doesn’t get crushed like the others used to.

LN: Cool. So what do you boys do for fun?

HH: Some of the flying monkeys stop by to do some of the typical prank stuff, but we still do beheadings. But now we don’t make any mistakes.

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