The Pirate’s Take over again Audio

The Cabin Fever

Laurence Simon
Doc Coleman
JP Losier
Laura Nicole
Scott Roche
Zach Ricks
Jeff Hite
We had Three story prompts, that we twisted in every conceivable way.

Option # 1

Air Force Captain Key just spent two months digging his way out of the missile silo only to find that even after spending over a year down there, it is still very desolate. He makes his way to Cheyenne mountain as his orders tell him to only to find it fully functional but abandoned. He is now in charge of the most powerful computer systems in the world… Captain Key what are you going to do next?

Option #2

Jennifer read the note for what had to have been the three hundredth time this month. I really wish you were here Jenn, we have seem some of the most amazing sights, you can’t believe some of the stuff they have here. Well we need to get moving again. I will write more when I can. Love Dave. It was over two years old now. She read it almost everyday. He had not been in contact since then. Now she was on what was probably going to be a one way trip to go find him.

Option #3 (bonus)

Josh watched as the speck that he had been watching became a ship. There was something odd about it that didn’t quite register with him until it got closer. It was a danger to them of course, any time you saw as ship on the open seas it was a danger. Even a ship that might be sailing under the same flag, you could never tell when something might have gone wrong and what used to be a friendly ship was in desperate enough trouble that they could have gone rogue. This was not the case this time, their sails were black, a definite sign they were pirates. What caught his eye was that the sails seem to be raked back too far, and they seemed to billowing up as much as they were forward. Then what had been burning in the back of his brain hit him like a ton of bricks. They were not sailing in the water. The Ship was about fifteen feet off the water and they were moving very fast. “Captain!” he shouted down to the deck below, “We have a problem.”

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