I, Lord Admiral Norvaljoe Carroll, of His Magesty’s fleet, seize this ship in the name of the king. And with it, her crew, cargoes, Fiction Tuesday, and Courage to do the What’s Write.

As befalls Fiction Tuesday, I declare the Prompt for this day, and any after that you wish, to be, “Weiner Dogs”. Use them how you wish, those little creatures always come off comical to me, regardless.

As befalls “The Courage to do What’s Write”, I will be concise.

Let your characters tell the story.

If there is a lot of info to fill in, or back story to reveal, allow your characters to share that. Have two of your characters argue about the facts until they are all revealed and when the characters agree on which facts are valid, the entire amount of information will be made clear.

If there are monsters in the forests, have the creepy old man who wants the kids to stay out of his yard tell them of the varieties of creatures which will be waiting for them at their homes if they don’t stay out of his yard.

Give the old man personality by having him tell the children which of the monsters are his favorites and why. “I like the ones with the extra long teeth and the slippery tongues because they snatch up the little children the fastest, yet take the longest time to eat them,” he screeched and cackled at the children with a voice like two chickens fighting.

And as Lord Admiral in His Majesties Fleet I refuse to turn this barnacle encrusted heap of rotting wood back to anyone calling themselves pirates, privateers, buchaneers or any other form of scoundrel that plys the waves of the briney deep. If you want this waterlogged excuse for a sailing vessel, you’ll have to take it back. (Put that in your ‘ARRRRR’ and smoke it.)

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