The Best Parts

I have talked before about my favorite parts of being parts of being a part of Flying Island Press, but what it boils down to, it means that I get to do the two things that really love, reading and writing and call it work.

Today instead of talking about the things that I like best I would like to hear from you.  So I have two questions for you.

Q1. If you are a writer, what is your favorite part about writing?  Planning? The actual writing, creating characters, researching? (These are only examples)

Q2. If you are a reader what is your favorite part about reading?

I know I said that I was going to let you answer the questions but I think that it is only fair that I answer the questions as well.

A1. As a writer, what makes writing fun to me is when things are really clicking, once the story is moving along.  The Characters all speak to me and tell me what they are going to do next.  They remind me that this is their story.  The world is full formed around the characters, and as much as I am the writer, I feel like I have been given a special pass into a world that no one else I know has ever seen before.

A2. As a reader, there a lot of things that I really like, however, I think my favorite part is feeling like I am an insider.  What do I mean by that?  Here is a good example. I recently read a book my a friend of mine.  In the book there was a character from another one of his books.  Once I recognized that I felt like, hey I know that guy.  That is what I mean.  While I was reading Nathan Lowell’s books as I ran across characters whose names I knew I felt secretly pleased with myself because I knew those people, even if I was just getting to know the characters with their names.  The same thing with places I have visited or organizations that I am a part of.  I get into the story just that much more, when I feel like in some small way I am a part of the story.

Well now you know my favorite parts, what are yours?

Jeff Hite is an editor and one of the co founders of Flying Island Press. He lives with is lovely wife , 9 kids, a dog and a varying number of chickens (usually less than 20) in Upstate NY. During the day you can find him with his head deep in a computer, and during the evening, when he is not writing stories, elbow deep in his family.

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