Getting it Done

By Jeff Hite

As a writer there a times that I really struggle to well, um write. There are stories that need to be written for sure. There ideas and half written epics all gathering dust on the back shelves of my imagination. So it is not for a lack of things to write that I struggle. No it is fear.

It may sound strange considering I put my work out there all the time, but I still struggle with the fear of letting other people read my work. If you know anything about from reading my columns, I am far form a great self editor. So some times I really worry about the misspelled words and the grammar mistakes that I know are there.

But more I fear that people won’t like my stories, or even worse won’t understand them. I am sure we have all had that dream were you are talking to someone, trying to tell them something very important, and they just can’t understand you. Some times I feel that way about my writing.

So what is a writer to do? Well as you may have guessed, I don’t have all the answers but here is what I do. I write the stories anyway. I work them and rework them until I am happy with them. Then I send the out to people I trust to tell me the truth about them. After that it depends how much I like the story, but then I let it go into the wild.

There is a saying, if you love something you will let it go, and it will come back to you of it’s own free will. I don’t know if this is true of stories but i have gotten feed back on stories that has made me happy, and that other than the love of stories, is what writing is all about. So have the courage to share your stories, and go write.

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