FlagShip – Feb 2012

March 12, 2012

FlagShip's February Issue

This issue Includes:

View from the Captain’s Deck
by Zach Ricks
Princesses Don’t Breathe Fire
by Sarina Dorie

Hither and Yon
by Anatoly Belilovsky

After Glory
T.J. Dipple

View from the Poopdeck
by Scott Roche


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A Preview of FlagShip Issue

View From the Captain’s Deck

Finding the Way Forward

by Zach Ricks

What is the purpose of story?

I’ve been reading a lot of David Farland in the form of his daily kicks, and a lot of Chuck Wendig’s thoughts about writing, and while there is a bit of whiplash, the similarities are interesting…

Princesses Don’t Breathe Fire

by Sarina Dorie

When Princess Draciona was born, it was obvious something wasn’t quite right. She had emerald eyes and viridian hair. Most unusual of all was her scaly, moss-tinted skin.
“This baby looks a little like a … ahem … dragon,” said Prince Rupunzelson (named after his great-grandmother).
“No, no,” insisted his wife, Princess Penelope. “That’s just green eczema. She’ll outgrow it.”
Prince Rupunzelson nodded and decided to let his wife worry about it. He would rather think about battle.
But Princess Draciona did not outgrow her eczema. To make matters worse, when she started to teethe, she grew sharp, dagger-like fangs. When she didn’t get her way, she sometimes breathed fire…

Hither and Yon

by Anatoly Belilovsky

In seconds, the sky darkened and began to churn; thunder rolled over us as air tingled with ozone. I started across the street. It wasn’t that wide; a few drops of rain weren’t going to stop me.
I would have made it, too, most places. Not in Bermuda.
Halfway across, lightning and thunder hit me in a single body blow, and rain roared in my face like a rabid fire hose…

After Glory

by T.J. Dipple

People still nodded to him and praised him on the street. It had been a year since the business with the king and the dragon, but people still remembered him. He smiled thinly at the people who greeted him. As he walked his eyes shifted at the slightest noise, he had been trained to look for danger all his life, and he saw it everywhere. As people passed him he spotted three concealed weapons, and he fought his urges to take them in, he had to focus now.
In the markets he saw the traders cheating their customers; they shaved their coins before giving change, and again Garron fought the urge to call them on it. No one ever tried it with him, it was either a sign of respect, or they knew he would catch them…


by Scott Roche

Sarina Dorie 

As a child, Sarina Dorie dreamed of being an astronaut/archeologist/fashion designer/illustrator/writer. Later in life, after realizing this might be an unrealistic goal, Sarina went to the Pacific NW College of Art where she earned a degree in illustration. After realizing this might also be an unrealistic goal, she went to Portland State University for a master’s in education to pursue the equally cut-throat career of teaching art in the public school system. After years of dedication to art and writing, most of Sarina’s dreams have come true; in addition to teaching, she is a writer/artist/ fashion designer/ belly dancer. Sarina’s novel, Silent Moon, won two second place awards through Romance Writers of America and two third place awards in the paranormal category. She has sold stories to Daily Science Fiction, Untied Shoelaces of the Mind, Crossed Genres, and Roar. Now, if only Jack Sparrow asks her to marry him, all her dreams will come true.

Find her at www.sarinadorie.com

Anatoly Belilovsky 

Anatoly Belilovsky came to the US at the age of 15 and learned English from Star Trek reruns. He is now a pediatrician in New York, in an area where English is the 4th most common language. He is a member of SFWA since 2011, with fiction published in NATURE, Ideomancer, Kasma, Immersion Book of Steampunk, Stupefying Stories, and podcast at Tales of Old and Cast of Wonders.

Find his blog at apogrypha.blogspot.com.

T. J. Dipple 

T.J. Dipple was born in Birmingham and lived there for 24 years before moving to Stourbridge with his wife. He graduated from Newman College of Higher Education with a degree in History. He has loved writing and reading fantasy ever since he was a child and will continue for the foreseeable future. Find more at www.tjdipple.com

Zach Ricks

Zach Ricks is an attorney / project manager / writer / aspiring imperialist warmonger living in Austin TX with a very understanding wife and daughter. He found science fiction at five years old when his parents made the tactical error of taking him to see “Star Wars” while visiting family in Alaska. They later recalled that it was the first time they’d taken him to a movie where he hadn’t been whining about having to go to the bathroom or wanting popcorn. And while it was a welcome change, it also sort of freaked them out. He grew up on a potato farm in Idaho, which gave him a lot of time riding around on tractors and pondering “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” Today, he can be found occasionally posting short stories at MadPoetFiles.com. His latest project is Flying Island Press – a publisher of e-magazines for anything with a screen or a pair of earphones.

Scott Roche

Scott Roche is the Marketing Director for Flying Island Press. He has had his work published in Hub Magazine and is very active in the podcasting community. Writing and creating are part time unpaid gigs for the most part, but he’s actively working to change that. You can find Scott’s musings on spiritual matters at http://www.spiritualtramp.com. He had a podcast novel called Archangel at http://www.archangelnovel.com. Finally, his thoughts on writing, social media, and podcasting are available at http://www.scottroche.com/blog.

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