PSYT – Disconnect

May 17, 2012

Audio version of PSYT here.

PSYT: Disconnection, by Laura Nicole

Remember that one time in Star Trek, when that character was just getting ready to unwind and rest and then all of a sudden the comm goes off? It’s happened in so many different shows and in all of the series’ so you have to have seen one episode like that. With all the technology in our daily lives bringing the world closer together, our society has many similarities to that scenario.

Yes, it is nice that our friends from all across the globe can contact us on time that is convenient to them, but at the same time we are so addicted to that connection that disturbs us of the need for things like sleep or social interaction. I am guilty of having the phone by my bed. I check my emails before even getting out of bed, post a comment to the almighty Tome of the Visage (Facebook) and then go into my morning routine. But on the weekends, you usually don’t see very much of me. That’s because I take the time to disconnect.

Our society seems to be forgetting the finer things about life other than playing around online. This is also called networking, but that’s another rant for another time. But think about it. If/when you get out and be with people, you generally don’t check your phone because you are practicing the art of conversation. This can be very beneficial, but I am not a mad scientist so I have only my personal experience to back me up. I feel less stressed because most of the people I would want to be around are already there and I can just tap them on the shoulder if I want to talk to them.

Back to the topic of disconnecting. If you post your entire life on Facebook and don’t actually get out and be with your species, you won’t have anything interesting to post about. Secondly, it is a good idea to make your stalkers work to find you. Posting where you are every moment of the day is just asking for trouble. If you make a scavenger hunt of it, that could be fun and challenging. Hmm, maybe I will do that for Balticon.

For all you creative types, human interaction is essential to your craft. I don’t care if it is design, writing, acting or what have you. Being able to have the human experience gives you more to draw from when you are attempting to evoke it in your craft.

Just think, many captains and beloved characters from the Star Trek franchise took off to Risa to disconnect. Maybe they were on to something…

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