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NaNoWriMo Story Workshop – Laura Nicole

This week we start a series of workshop episodes that will lead up to NaNaWriMo with hopes up building better stories before then even being.

This week we walk all over Zach a lot because his audio was not coming through over skype but was getting recorded. And listen closely, Laura agrees with me for the VERY FIRST TIME EVER!

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This week we work with Laura Nicole’s entry NaNoWRiMo this year. He is planning to write the sequel to

Autism Benefit – Stonebriar Casefile 182: Bad Alchemy.



This week’s podcast does contain spoilers to both current works in print and works in progress. If you don’t want to know how they end now, you may way to wait to listen to this podcast.

Laura Nicole
Zach Ricks
JP Losier
Doc Coleman

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