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NaNoWriMo Story Workshop – Philip Carroll

This week we continue our series of workshop episodes that will lead up to NaNaWriMo with hopes of building better stories before then even being.

This week we joined by our normally absent from Galley Table team member Philip Carroll and we have a cameo appearance by one of the Hite daughters. (That is like a tiny Who daughter but not the same at all. Although she is especially small since she is no more than two.)

And a Random question that is to die for. If you are still looking for a NaNoWriMo topic, Stick around for the Random question because there is gold in them thar random questions.

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This week we work with Philip (Norval Joe) Carroll’s entry NaNoWRiMo this year. He is planning to write the next installment in his Galactic Battle Base series. Where we meet a planet of very interesting people, that you never want to meet.


This week’s podcast does contain spoilers to both current works in print and works in progress. If you don’t want to know how they end now, you may way to wait to listen to this podcast.

Philip Carroll
Laura Nicole
Zach Ricks
JP Losier
Doc Coleman

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