UnkillableUnkillable by Patrick E. McLean
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is not really a zombie story. That is the first thing I want to say. And for that I am really grateful. I have never really been a fan of the while zombie thing.

No, it isn’t a Zombie book, Unkillable is a book about a guy who dies. He dies and he is dead. Until he’s not at any more. So in that way it it a zombie story. Dan, is really dead, he has part falling off him, he even has a shambling walk, but he is no mindless, ravaging brain hungering zombie.

There is still a fair amount of killing and anger, figuring things out, and realizing what life might really be about. Which is what takes this book from being a zombie book, to being something completely different. It is a book about life, or dead, or is it really life?

Mr. McLean’s story telling style, while it can be a little dark, is spot on as always. He draws a picture of a world that you just can’t ignore, as dark and unlikable as it might be. There is an underbelly, there are things that you might not understand, that are even things you don’t want to understand, but each of those things has a story. It seems to be Mr. McLean’s job to tell you these stories. Honestly, there isn’t anyone else I would want to tell them to me.

I listened to the podiobooks version of this story , and have to say that Mr. McLean has a voice that just makes these stories come alive. If you enjoy audio books at all, this is the way to get this story.

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