Flagship Volume 3 Issue 1

February 28, 2013

The New Issue is finally here. Included in this issue:

View from the Captain’s Chair

– By Zachary Ricks

Sort of Damocles

– By S.R. Algernon

A Chance Result

– By Jeffrey Scott Sims

Solara Nova

– By Julayne Hughes

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This month’s authors…

S.R. Algernon
S. R. Algernon’s other publications include “Affirmations” which appears in the anthology Finding Home: Community in Apocalyptic Worlds. He’s an active member of the online writer’s group “critters.org”, and is currently living in Singapore.

Jeffrey Scott Sims

Jeffrey Scott Sims is an author devoted to fantastic literature, living in Arizona, which forms the background for many of his tales. His recent publications include a novel, “The Journey of Jacob Bleek”, and the short stories “The God In the Machine”, “The Love of Jacob Bleek”, “The House On Anderson Mesa”, “The Nasty Club”, “The Mystery of the Inner Basin Lodge” (published in an earlier issue of FlagShip), and “In the Hills of Yost”.

Julayne Hughes

Julayne Hughes is a piano player, a freelance editor, an instructor and office manager, a sports fan, a voracious reader, and Editor of Døøm. She’s also the music director for her local church. This is her first publication in FlagShip, and we hope to see more. You can follow her on Twitter at @pianoeditor.

Zachary Ricks

Zach Ricks is an attorney / project manager / writer / aspiring imperialist warmonger living in Austin TX with a very understanding wife and daughter. He found science fiction at five years old when his parents made the tactical error of taking him to see “Star Wars” while visiting family in Alaska. They later recalled that it was the first time they’d taken him to a movie where he hadn’t been whining about having to go to the bathroom or wanting popcorn. And while it was a welcome change, it also sort of freaked them out. He grew up on a potato farm in Idaho, which gave him a lot of time riding around on tractors and pondering “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” Today, he can be found occasionally posting short stories at MadPoetFiles.com. His latest project is Flying Island Press – a publisher of e-magazines for anything with a screen or a pair of earphones.

Laura Nicole

Laura Nicole started out writing poems and short stories throughout school and got her dramatic blood circulating through community theatre. In 2007 she was introduced to audio drama by her father Alan Spencer, who needed an authentic German accent for a show. After 2 years of voice acting, Laura helped start Gypsy Audio and the group allowed her to put some of her poetry and stories into an audio format while still acting in several different shows. After helping David out with editing scripts for one of his shows, they became literary partners in crime bouncing ideas off of one another which prompted the start of Scrivener’s Circle.

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