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They say that no one ever expects the Spanish Inquisition, but the truth is, no really ever expects Jeff to mutiny.

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This week we were all at Balticon and had the opportunity to have Authors Scott Sigler and Abigail Hilton join us for a discussion on endings. Well that is what it was supposed to be about until Jeff changed the rules, and we had a mutiny.

The story prompt for this Mutiny was:

You are a low ranking person on a what is supposed to be a legitimate merchant ship, and you find out that the blood thirsty captain is dealing in something rather nasty.

And We had another sad announcement at the end.

We get an awesome random question and more. Much much more!

Joining is this week were:

Scott Sigler
Abigail Hilton
Doc Coleman
Laura Nicole
Jeff A.Hite

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