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Galley Table 35 – gods

In episode thirty-five we talk about the gods we all know and love and some of us love to hate. …Read the Rest

Fiction Tuesdays – Mine

  Every Tuesday, you will get an original piece of fiction. This week I bring you: Mine! By: Jeffrey Hite …Read the Rest

Fiction Tuesdays – Scarlet

    On Tuesdays we’ll be presenting a little of bit of fiction. They will normally be based on one …Read the Rest

Galley Table Twenty Seven: Geeking out with MainFrame

In episode twenty-Seven we talk technology in the business, where e-books fit in the grand scheme and general geekiness Buy …Read the Rest

Writing Contest

March 21, 2011
Writing Contest

┬áJust wanted to let you folks know about a little writing contest being put on by Quantum Muse. They want …Read the Rest