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Flagship Volume 3 Issue 1

February 28, 2013
Flagship Volume 3 Issue 1

The New Issue is finally here. Included in this issue: View from the Captain’s Chair – By Zachary Ricks Sort …Read the Rest

UnKillable by Patrick E. McLean – A Review

Unkillable by Patrick E. McLean My rating: 4 of 5 stars This is not really a zombie story. That is …Read the Rest

Galley Table 87 – Angry Spock is Angry!

This week we Face the reality that J. J. Abrams changed the face of Star Trek forever, and wonder what …Read the Rest

Galley Table 86 – What to do when you live in a perfect world

This week we talk about how to make your character stand out when they are just like everyone else in …Read the Rest

Galley Table 85 – Collaboration by any other name would smell as sweet

Play Galley Table 85 This week the crew talked collaboration projects. We discovered that though younger than the rest of …Read the Rest

Galley Table 84 – Special Presentation – Zircon’s Last Stand

This week we bring you a special presentation of: Zicon’s Last Stand by Rupan Malakin Rupan is a short writer …Read the Rest

Galley Table 82 – There be Dragons Here

This week we work with Jeff Hite’s entry for NaNoWRiMo this year. He is planning to write a story for his kids about their adventures in a world with dastardly dukes, dangerous dragons and the power of being a family.

Galley Table 081 – Battle Robots and the Power or Rock and Roll

NaNoWriMo Story Workshop – Zachary Ricks This week we continue our series of workshop episodes that will lead up to …Read the Rest

Galley Table 080 – Do These Space Vampires Sparkle?

NaNoWriMo Story Workshop – Philip Carroll This week we continue our series of workshop episodes that will lead up to …Read the Rest