The April Issue is here. Included in this issue:

Siren Spell, by Karina Fabian. When the deaf sailor and his crew encountered the Island of the Sirens, he was the only survivor. The siren loved him, and her fae blood would run in their family…

The Oysters of Pinctada, by Larry Hodges. Honics – Honor and Ethics – was a code the Pinctadans lived by. But the crafty starship captain would use it against them, to discover their bloody secret. But a different kind of code from distant Earth might prove his undoing.

Sundogs, by Alter Reiss. There are days when he wished he had chosen a different branch of spellweaving after graduating from the academy. But he was a blood redeemer, set to find the murderer of a Keinan watchmaker.

And of course, there’s the Editor’s Column, and in this issue’s Poopdeck column, our managing editor admits a deep and abiding love of Korean historical dramas. Well, okay. ONE Korean historical drama.

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This month’s authors…

Karina Fabian

A few years ago, Karina Fabian wrote a fun little story about a noir-style dragon eking out a living in the Mundane world as a private investigator. DragonEye, PI, turned out so much fun, that she gave Vern a partner named Sister Grace, two books, several stories, a newsletter and his own website. Learn more about them and her at

Larry Hodges

Larry Hodges, of Germantown, MD, is an active member of SFWA with over 40 short story sales, over half of them since summer 2008. He’s a graduate of the sixweek 2006 Odyssey Writers’ Workshop, the 2007 Orson Scott Card Literary Boot Camp, and the 2008 Taos Toolbox Writers’ Workshop. He’s a full-time writer with four books and over 1200 published articles in over 100 different publications. His best work is often humorous, including his recently completed novel, “Campaign 2100: Rise of the Moderates,” a political dramedy that is now making the rounds at agents on its way to great glory and/or utter obscurity. He is a member of the USA Table Tennis Hall of Fame (Google it!), and once beat someone while using an ice cube as a racket. Visit him at

Alter Reiss

Alter Reiss is a scientific editor and field archaeologist. He lives in Jerusalem with his wife Naomi and their son Uriel, and enjoys good books and bad movies.
Alter’s fiction has appeared in Daily Science Fiction, Redstone Science Fiction, Abyss & Apex, and elsewhere.

Zachary Ricks

Zach Ricks is an attorney / project manager / writer / aspiring imperialist warmonger living in Austin TX with a very understanding wife and daughter. He found science fiction at five years old when his parents made the tactical error of taking him to see “Star Wars” while visiting family in Alaska. They later recalled that it was the first time they’d taken him to a movie where he hadn’t been whining about having to go to the bathroom or wanting popcorn. And while it was a welcome change, it also sort of freaked them out. He grew up on a potato farm in Idaho, which gave him a lot of time riding around on tractors and pondering “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” Today, he can be found occasionally posting short stories at His latest project is Flying Island Press – a publisher of e-magazines for anything with a screen or a pair of earphones.

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