FlagShip Issue 5 is Live

Stories include:

Workshop Gods – by Larry Hodges

The Mystery of the Inner Basin Lodge – by Jeffery Scott Sims

A Happy Ending – by Koos Kombius

Steadfast – by Michael Merriam

Black Mace – by Kristen Davis

Of Salmon Tails and Green-Eyed Girls – by Ricardo Bare

Plus columns by Zach Ricks and Scott Roche


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Text AND Audio – 2.99 US – ePub, mobi, PDF, mp3 AND AAC.

Text Only – 1.99 US – in ePub, mobi, and PDF.

Audio Only – 1.99 US. MP3 and AAC.


  • Colleen Hitchings says:

    I just finished the last story in Issue 5 of Flagship and it was a very bittersweet moment. I wait each month for the new issue and I rush through the first few stories then I begin rationing the rest to make them last (a bit like Easter candy). I have thoroughly enjoyed every issue. I won’t say I “loved” every story for some I have liked much better than others, but I have found every one interesting! Sci Fi and Fantasy have always been my favorite escape and the stories in Flagship feed that need. Not every story needs a happily ever after ending, but it is nice when once in a while they have one! I will be anxiously awaiting the next issue.

  • sroche says:

    We love this kind of feedback. Thanks Colleen!!

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