This issue Includes:

Captain’s Chair – Making a Light Bulb – Zach Ricks
Firebrand – Doug Souza
Rats to Ruins – Mike Plested
Boys Will Be Boys – Philip Carroll
Behemoth – Scott Roche
PSYT – Tactical Corsets – Laura Nicole
Crossfire – Bill Blume
A Walk in the Park – Doc Coleman
Wondros, the Clockwork Man – Ryan Underhill

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FlagShip invites you to Launch into Imagination with this special Steampunk issue.

Our stories this month include:

Firebrand, by Doug Souza
Pressed into service on one of Britain’s airships, two boys seek their freedom.

Rats to Ruins, by Michell Plested
The town had plenty of rats, that was true. And the troupe knew how to get rid of those. Well, the non-human ones, at least…

Boys will be Boys, by Philip Carroll
Turning lead int gold should have been a simple alchemical task, the boys thought. Dad just wasn’t using enough phlogiston. Never mind the explosive side-effects…

Leviathan, by Scott Roche
The Indian man didn’t want to repair the English death machines that enslaved his people, but he was one of the best repair men they had. Until he got his chance at the biggest machine of them all…

Crossfire, by Bill Blume
In the post-oil world, Steam is king, but a new form of power may be around the corner. Now if one American agent can just keep terrorists from using it to blow up London…

A Walk in the Park, by Doc Coleman
An exiled doctor and his asisstant are servants of her Immortal Highness, Queen Victoria the 1st. The first Crackle and Bang adventure!

Wondros, the Clockwork Man, by Ryan Underhill
Was he moved by mere mechanics, or was there something more of the magician’s art to the movement of the magnificent Wondros?

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