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Captain’s Mast

It’s Not About You

April 23, 2013
It’s Not About You

Being someone who’s constantly looking at the dark cloud that happens to be near¬†every¬†silver lining, I’m constantly down on myself. …Read the Rest

Captain’s Review – A Few Good Men

A Few Good Men I was a fan of Darkship Thieves when it came out, and when I was (fortunately) …Read the Rest

Book Review: Darkship Thieves by Susan Hoyt

The other day, someone pointed out a blog post written by Sarah Hoyt on the IPG / Amazon conflict, and …Read the Rest

Free legal e-books for your e-reader

So, maybe you’re a subscriber to FlagShip. Maybe you’re not. But you DO have one of those shiny new e-readers …Read the Rest

Story is Where You Find It: The Captain Maps Media

While Flying Island Press is admittedly interested in people reading our stuff (see those links above to subscribe or buy …Read the Rest

Right to Copy – What’s Protected, and How do I get Protection?

I don’t know if I was very clear last post, but I wanted to explain a little more what my …Read the Rest

The Right to Copy

May 21, 2011
The Right to Copy

It is occasionally a source of some surprise to people when they find out that I am, in my day …Read the Rest

The Art of Play

May 15, 2011
The Art of Play

At heart, I think most science fiction and fantasy fans are great big kids inside. We love to play with …Read the Rest

Fiction Binging

April 30, 2011
Fiction Binging

eBooks have always been something I’ve been interested in – even before we started to see dedicated readers. If that …Read the Rest

Accept No Substitutes

April 22, 2011
Accept No Substitutes

For a few, blissful moments today, I had a golden opportunity. Actually, let me back up a bit. I love …Read the Rest