Heroes I like

May 20, 2011
Heroes I like

By: Philip (Norval Joe) Carroll Warning: This is a blog post. It is purely opinion and not a declaration of …Read the Rest

How to Write a Sentence – Dramatic Pauses

  (Yet another attempt to produce writing wisdom from an almost complete dearth of professional experience.) Dramatic Pauses. Sometimes, the best …Read the Rest

Please Spay Your Tribbles – Magic Wands

By Laura Nicole Each week I will be analyzing an object from the Science Fiction and Fantasy world to project …Read the Rest

Please Spay your Tribbles – Lasers

When I think of science fiction weapons the first thing that comes to mind is lasers. That’s right, set them …Read the Rest

“Humor. Ar! Ar!”

May 6, 2011
“Humor. Ar! Ar!”

by Philip (Norval Joe) Carroll Science fiction has had a long history of being comic. Aliens can be funny. When …Read the Rest

How to Write a Sentence – Rituals

(Another in a series of  posts about the elusive art and practical process of writing, by a total novice.) Rituals. Not every …Read the Rest

Please Spay Your Tribbles – Replicators

PSYT – Please Spay Your Tribbles – is brought to you weekly by our own Laura Nicole. Each week I …Read the Rest

In response to a message left on the bathroom wall

By Philip (Norval Joe) Carroll When I was a teenager in the 1970’s my brothers and I loved to backpack. …Read the Rest

How to Write a Sentence

April 28, 2011
How to Write a Sentence

(One of a seemingly infinite number of attempts to write about something I have absolutely no proven expertise. Writing.) Rosa rosa rosa est est. …Read the Rest