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Galley Table 68 – Steve Saus – The Saus of Self Publishing Success

Galley Table 68 This Galley Table We talk with Steven Saus about editing, publishing, anthologies and the world of Epub. …Read the Rest

Galley Table 67 – What? Indie Publishing? What’s That?

This week we talk with special guests Robin Sullivan and Mike Plested, about publishing, the big the small and the …Read the Rest

Galley Table 66 – The Genre (Monster) Mash

Audio for Galley Table 66 This episode Tee Morris joins as we talk about what makes a Genre Mashup. Can …Read the Rest

Galley Table 65

May 16, 2012
Galley Table 65

The Dice are going to Kill us Download The Audio Here This episode we talk about RPG gaming, and how …Read the Rest

Galley Table 64

March 29, 2012
Galley Table 64

This Episode we talk about religion in fiction, how it can be done right and how it can be done …Read the Rest

Galley Table 63

March 20, 2012
Galley Table 63

This episode we talk book to movie adaptations, the good the bad the Ugly and the ones that we don’t …Read the Rest

Galley Table 62

March 14, 2012
Galley Table 62

Galley Table 62 Listen to the Show This week we talk with Justin R. Macumber of The Dead Robots Society. …Read the Rest

Galley Table 61 – What is PayPal doing?

In this Galley Table we talk about the current situation with PayPal and Smashwords, as they deal with pulling Erotic …Read the Rest

Galley Table 60 – Influences

  Influnces We talk about kinds of things influenced us as writers and creators. On the Cast Doc Coleman JP Losier Zach …Read the Rest

Galley Table 59 – Content Delivery

  Content Delivery This was an all crew cast were we discussed some feed back we had received and how it related …Read the Rest