Zach Ricks – Managing Editor: Lawyer, Project Manager, Writer. Probably in over his head, but apparently crazy enough to jump in the pool anyway.

Philip Carroll – Editor: Wall to bounce things off of? Writer, reader, editor, vacillator, vegitator. Father, Grand Father, Orthotist.

Scott Roche – Director of Marketing: Assistant Editor, Idea man, wheel man, but not a bag man. I’m not nearly as old as this pic makes me look but I feel older.

Jeff Hite – Director of IT – Assistant Editor(Flagship) , Server Support, Network admin, Web Host. Staff writer (I hope) Slush reader / editor. Father, husband.

Photograph of J-P LosierJean-Philip “J-P” Losier– Director of Development: Assistant Editor, Code Geek, Jack-of-all-trades, Support Staff, Writer. Father & Stepfather (8 kids & counting). Myers-Briggs INTJ. Not a pet person, but we have four cats, six guinea pigs, and a hamster. Outliner. Outlier.¬†Asker of “What if…?”, Modern-day steampunk mad scientist, sans goggles.

Laura NicoleLaura¬†Nicole – Editor, Slush Reader, Guest Coordinator, Voice Actor, Writer, Jedi Master, Gypsy Queen, Ninja Master, Pirate… You can blame the guys for my ever-growing title…