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Galley Table Episode Nine – Gotchas

In episode nine we chat about Issue Three, what “gets us”, and NaNoWriMo. We’re also joined by Chris Lester who …Read the Rest

Ways To Ensure You Will Not Be Published

I find myself repeating the same two critiques over and over as I’m working through the pile. Here, I’ll point them out, so you writers will know to avoid them, and the readers can appreciate that we’re doing this so they don’t have to.

Book Review – The Way of Kings

Way of Kings is a fantasy that includes great characters, giant crabs, and power armor. What’s not to like?

Who are you? (who who… who who…)

Seriously. Who are you? If you’re a reader of FlagShip, who are you? Here’s what I think… If you’re a …Read the Rest

Catch a wave…

August 9, 2010
Catch a wave…

There’s been a lot lot LOT of talk lately about the future of publishing, ebooks, etc.

Here’s Simon Wood talking about e-books from an author’s perspective. Here’s Pablo Defendini talking about what he would do with Barnes and Noble – which recently put itself on the auction block. And here’s a paperback publisher moving to e-books first, and following up with trade paperbacks. It’s a really interesting time to be in the publishing game.

But what does it mean for readers? It means options.

Know Your Market

July 21, 2010
Know Your Market

I’ve been looking over submissions for issue two, which have been trucking right along, thank you very much. I’ve been …Read the Rest

Setting course

June 2, 2010
Setting course

Welcome to Flying Island Press. An explanation is offered as to where we started, and what my goals are for FlagShip. We go live July 4th, 2010.