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Please Spay Your Tribbles – Holodecks

Please Spay Your Tribbles By Laura Nicole Each week I will be analyzing an object from the Science Fiction and …Read the Rest

Check with the experts

June 24, 2011
Check with the experts

Check with the experts By Philip (Norval Joe) Carroll Let me say right off, “I am not an expert.” If …Read the Rest

Having The Courage to do what’s Write – Character

What does courage have to do with your characters? Well obviously if you are going to have Westley fight prince …Read the Rest

Having the Courage To Do What is Write – Kids Writing

Kids Writing Each week I produce a piece that talks about a different aspect of getting words out on a …Read the Rest

While all my friends were at Balticon living it up

While all my friends were at Balticon living it up By: Philip (Norval Joe) Carroll While all my friends were …Read the Rest

Heroes I like

May 20, 2011
Heroes I like

By: Philip (Norval Joe) Carroll Warning: This is a blog post. It is purely opinion and not a declaration of …Read the Rest

Morality in Fiction

May 13, 2011
Morality in Fiction

By: Philip Carroll Mature Content Warning: If you are offended by the discussion of Jesus Christ, or Santa Claus, you …Read the Rest