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Tag: Galley Table

Galley Table 92 – The BaltiCon Surprise Mutiny

This week we were all at Balticon and had the opportunity to have Authors Scott Sigler and Abigail Hilton Hilton join us for a discussion on endings. Well that is what it was supposed to be about until Jeff changed the rules, and we had a mutiny.

Galley Table 88 – Why We Do What We Do

This week we take a look back and a look forward. As we talk about the past and the future of FlagShip and Flying Island Press.

Galley Table 74 – The Origin Story (Video)

The Origin Story This week’s Galley Table is going to be a little bit different than normal. This week we …Read the Rest

Galley Table 71 – An Interview with Brandon Sanderson

An Interview with Brandon Sanderson Download the Audio Here Philip Carroll had the opportunity to Interview Author Brandon Sanderson while …Read the Rest

Galley Table 63

March 20, 2012
Galley Table 63

This episode we talk book to movie adaptations, the good the bad the Ugly and the ones that we don’t …Read the Rest

Galley Table 54 – Scenes!

November 29, 2011
Galley Table 54 – Scenes!

This week on the Galley Table podcast, we talk about scenes. Specifically, we talk about how to write them, what’s …Read the Rest

Galley Table 47 – Nudie Bear Polo

In Galley Table 47 we talk publishing and promotion. On the ‘cast: Laura Nicole JP Losier Scott Roche “Doc” Coleman …Read the Rest

Galley Table Episode Two

September 25, 2010
Galley Table Episode Two

Episode two is all about “deep reading” and storytelling. Guests: Doc Coleman of the Nifty Tech Blog Mentioned: SFGate article …Read the Rest