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The Courage to Do What’s Write – Being a Part time Writer

The Courage to Do What’s Write is a weekly post about what it takes to be a writer. By Jeff …Read the Rest

Having The Courage to do what’s Write – Character

What does courage have to do with your characters? Well obviously if you are going to have Westley fight prince …Read the Rest

Finding the Courage to do What is Write.

This week I take a break from Fiction Tuesday as I wait for the first few stories to come in …Read the Rest

I am a reader first

October 18, 2010
I am a reader first

If you are a reader, no matter what you are reading  you understand what it means to be really into …Read the Rest

Ways To Ensure You Will Not Be Published

I find myself repeating the same two critiques over and over as I’m working through the pile. Here, I’ll point them out, so you writers will know to avoid them, and the readers can appreciate that we’re doing this so they don’t have to.

Know Your Market

July 21, 2010
Know Your Market

I’ve been looking over submissions for issue two, which have been trucking right along, thank you very much. I’ve been …Read the Rest

Officer’s Country – Interview with Mike Plested

It was my pleasure to talk with Mike Plested, author of “Apprentice” in issue one of Flagship. Here is the …Read the Rest

Working Hard For Your Money

One of the things I’m most excited about re: Flagship is that we’re a paying market.  Nothing depresses me more …Read the Rest