Stonebriar Casefiles 182 – Bad Alchemy

Stonebriar Casefiles 182: Bad Alchemy

This is a special presentation brought to you by Flying Island Press from the author of Absolution, a short story available in both audio and text formats for $2.99.

Crime scene investigation is all about finding the little details. For Investigator Beatrix Stonebriar, little details can be a big deal. After all, she’s a four-inch tall fairy. But now she has to use those details to figure out who is committing a string of murders of magical beings just trying to get by in human society.

Magical creatures have it hard enough in human society without serial killers out to get them. And if magic is involved, Beatrix Stonebriar is on the case. But can this fairy investigator find the murderer before he strikes again?


Volume 2 Issue 6

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Volume 2 Issue 5

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